Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Your one stop Leopard gecko care website. Our mission is to give you the best Leopard gecko information on the web.

Leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) are nocturnal lizards belonging to the Eublepharinae subfamily of the family Gekkonidae. They are robust geckos with relative large heads and have numerous tiny wart-like tubercles on their skin. Their natural habitat includes the desert and dry savannah areas of Southern Central Asia.

As pets, Leopard geckos comes in a variety of patterns, sizes and colouration.

Leopard geckos make interesting pets. Right around the world thousands of these geckos are kept and bred. They are extremely hardy, even in captive environments, with a relative good reproductive potential.

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Leopard contains some of the most important aspects of keeping pet Leopard geckos. It includes a short zoological background to understand these animals in their natural environment, a comprehensive Leopard gecko care sheet (containing the basic terrarium setup, husbandry, temperature, correct Leopard gecko feeding, Leopard gecko supplementation and basic Leopard gecko health. It also contains Leopard gecko photos / pictures, sources to related literature and Leopard gecko accessories.

The author of Leopard also maintains various other pet and herptile related websites and has written various short manuals in eBook format on some of the topics.

Click here for a free distributable Leopard Geckos Care Sheet.

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet
This is what Leopard is actually about. The Leopard gecko care sheet section contains various important information on the keeping of these animals as pets.

Leopard Gecko Facts
All the facts, fun facts, basic facts, summarised Leopard gecko facts on one page. For those of you who only need to know the basics, the Leopard gecko facts page should be your first stop.

Leopard Gecko Health
Sick Leopard gecko or want tips on how to keep your Leopard gecko healthy? Make an appointment with our Leopard gecko health section.

Leopard Gecko Food
All types of insects you should be feeding your pet Leopard gecko.

Leopard Gecko Behavior
Describes the normal and abnormal behaviour of pet and wild Leopard geckos.

Leopard Gecko Biology
The Leopard gecko biology section describes these animals scientifically. This section includes Leopard gecko Zoology and Leopard gecko classification.

Leopard Gecko eBooks
We also promote various Leopard gecko eBooks. All of these books are written and maintained by the author of this website and various other herptile related sites. These eBooks contains even more information on the topic of Leopard gecko care.

Leopard Gecko Breeding
Everything that you need to know, before, while and after breeding with Leopard geckos.

Leopard Gecko Accessories
Stuff for your Leopard gecko. Its amazing what there's available for these pets these days.

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