Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Leopard Gecko Accessories

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Although leopard gecko keeping would be possible without any fancy electronic Leopard gecko accessories, it has made the task a lot easier, especially in the colder areas of the world. The main Leopard gecko accessories that are being used today is Leopard gecko feeding rocks, Leopard gecko heat pads, Leopard gecko lighting, Leopard gecko thermometers, Leopard gecko timers and Leopard gecko incubators.

a Leopard gecko accessories heat pad b Leoaprd gecko accessories heat lamp c Leopard gecko accessories thermometers d Fluorescent tube fitting e Leopard gecko accessories timer
f Leopard gecko fluorescent light bulb g Leopard gecko fluorescent tube lighting h Leopard gecko cabinets i Leopard gecko cages j Leopard gecko feeding rock
kLeopard gecko incubators        

Leopard gecko accessories. a & c Leopard gecko heating accessories. a Heat pad; b Overhead heat lamp; c Example of thermometers; d A very basic fluorescent tube fitting; e Timer; f Bayonet base fluorescent bulb; g Fluorescent tube; h Cabinets & i cages; j Feeding rock; k Leopard gecko incubator.

Where To Buy Leopard Gecko Accessories

Leopard gecko accessories are available from various shops. Some specialized reptile pet shops might cater specifically for Leopard geckos and might stock all or at least most of these accessories. A good pet shop will stock at least stock Leopard gecko heat pads, Leopard gecko housing containers and heating accessories like thermometers. Other accessories such as timers will most probably be available from electrical wholesalers or from the internet.

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