Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Leopard Gecko Cage

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Leopard gecko cage

Leopard Gecko Cage Definition

Commercially available Leopard gecko cages, specifically the Accelerate Reptile Cages are ideal housing for non-climbing geckos. These Leopard gecko cages comes in various sizes. Other means of Leopard gecko housing includes cabinets, tanks / aquariums,  "Pal pens™ ", "Desert dens™ " and similar sized containers.

Leopard Gecko Cage Requirements

The most important Leopard gecko cage requirement is that it must be large enough to be comfortable for the amount of geckos. The large Accelerate Reptile Cages are ideal for a few Leopard geckos and the small cage is large enough for a single adult. The cage size should be increased with at least 25% for each Leopard gecko added after that.

Leopard Gecko Cage Availability

  • Specialized reptile related pet shops
  • Internet (see for more details on your closest Southern African retailer)

Leopard Gecko Cage Setup

The Leopard gecko cage setup should be according to the needs of the species. The floor should be covered with a layer of suitable substrate. Depending on the geography, electrical heating and lighting might need to be mounted on top. A hide box should also be supplied with various cage furniture like rocks, artificial plants and pieces of wood as decoration.

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