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Leopard Gecko Feeding Rock

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Leopard gecko feeding rock

Leopard Gecko Feeding Rock Definition

A Leopard gecko feeding rock is a commercially available artificial rock which stimulates the feeding of Leopard geckos. It can also be used as a means of additional Leopard gecko cage decoration. The feeding rock is a hollow structure which simulates a rock.

Leopard Gecko Feeding Rock Function

The Leopard gecko feeding is primarily used to temporarily store feeder insects such as crickets or cockroaches.  These insects are then allowed to crawl out through a small opening in the feeding rock. This then supplies a bottleneck of feeder insects where a Leopard gecko can comfortably wait and catch its prey one by one as they are presented. The Leopard gecko feeding rock can also be prepared with Leopard gecko supplement mixture for crickets to nibble on or be coated ready to be served to the waiting gecko. The Leopard gecko feeding rock is both used as appetite stimulation and cricket dusting tool.

The secondary function of the Leopard gecko feeding rock is care decoration. This is an attractive looking piece of cage furniture which are also suitable for some degree of hiding as well.

Leopard Gecko Feeding Rock Availability

  • Specialized reptile related pet shops
  • Internet search (see

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