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Leopard Gecko Fluorescent Lighting

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Leopard Gecko Fluorescent Lighting

When it comes to Leopard gecko lighting and Leopard gecko lighting accessories, fluorescent lighting should be your first and only option. Leopard gecko fluorescent lighting is relatively cheap, long lasting and do not emit a lot of heat to the environment, making them cheap to run for long periods of time.

Leopard Gecko Fluorescent Lighting Types

At this stage there are mainly two types of Leopard gecko fluorescent lights, namely fluorescent tubes and fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent tubes are more expensive to run, but they will emit a larger portion of the environment where bulbs are cheaper to run, but they only emit one side. These two types also need different light fittings to operate.

Leopard Gecko Fluorescent Light Fittings

Fluorescent tubes need different light fittings than fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs usually comes with a screw-in or bayonet type base. Leopard gecko fluorescent tubes need a fluorescent tube fitting. Make sure to match the wattage output of the tube of that of the fitting to prevent incompatibilities.

a Leopard gecko fluorescent light tube fitting b Leopard gecko fluorescent light timer c Leopard gecko fluorescent light bulb d Leopard gecko fluorescent light tube  

Leopard gecko fluorescent lights & accessories. a A very basic Leopard gecko fluorescent tube fitting; b Leopard gecko timer; used to switch fluorescent lights on & off; c Byonet-type fluorescent light bulb; d Leopard gecko fluorescent light tube.


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