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Leopard Gecko Heat Lamp

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Leopard gecko heat lamp

Leopard Gecko Heat Lamps

When average room temperatures fall below the recommended Leopard gecko range of 25 - 32 C / 77 - 90 F, additional heating in the form of a Leopard gecko heat lamps or heat pads will be needed.  A Leopard gecko heat lamp is an electrical heating apparatus which can be placed over an open aquarium to increase the temperature with a few degrees. Heat lamps can be placed on top, or mounted above an open wire mesh screen lid. The immediate temperature can be adjusted by using different wattages and/or by changing the length between the lamp and the floor of the enclosure.

Leopard Gecko Heat Lamp Variations

Commercial Leopard gecko heat lamps come in various shapes and sizes. The most important variation is the heat output and is measured wattage. Higher wattages gives of more heat, but is more expensive to run. Leopard gecko heat lamp wattages typically range between 40 Watt to as high as 100 Watt. Make sure to test the output of the heat lamp with a thermometer before its final mounting.

Leopard gecko heat lamps can also be in the form of day lamps and night lamps. Leopard gecko day lamps are used during the days and has the addition of emitting visible light rays and can be seen by the keeper and the Leopard gecko. No additional lighting is necessary if day lamps are used. Leopard gecko night lamps does not emit visible light and is used to heat up the terrarium without influencing the photoperiod. A combination of these lights can be fitted.

Leopard Gecko Heat Lamp Requirements

The main two requirements for Leopard gecko heat lamps are that they must preferably not cover more than 25% of the enclosure floor area and that they must maintain the temperatures between 25 - 32 C / 77 - 90 F.

Leopard Gecko Heat Lamp Warnings

  • Because there are different sized Leopard gecko heat lamps with different heat outputs, caution must be taken never to overheat the enclosure.

  • The heat pad should never cover more than about 25% of the floor space. If it does, it can cause serious overheating and death to a Leopard gecko.

  • Prevent direct contact with a heat lamp.

  • All electrical equipment including Leopard gecko heat lamps including its wiring should be checked every six months.

Leopard Gecko Heat Lamp Availability

  • Specialized reptile related pet shops
  • Most pet shops

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