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Leopard Gecko Heat Pad

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Leopard gecko heat pads

Leopard Gecko Heat Pad Definition

When the temperature does not allow, additional heating in the form of a Leopard gecko heat pad or heat lamp will be necessary.  A Leopard gecko heat pad is an electrical heating apparatus which can be placed under the enclosure substrate to increase the its immediate temperature within the desired range. Heat pads are low output heating which will increase the temperature with just the right amount without becoming too warm. Leopard gecko heat pads can be folded and bended to maintain the required shape and size.

Leopard Gecko Heat Pad Variations

There are various commercial Leopard gecko heat pad sizes available. Because heat pads work with resistance to generate heat, the smaller pads are usually warmer than the larger ones. Make sure to test the output of the heat pad with a thermometer before its final mounting.

Leopard Gecko Heat Pad Requirements

The main two requirements for Leopard gecko heat pads are that they must not cover more than 25% of the floor area and that they must maintain the temperatures between 25 - 32 C / 77 - 90 F. Most heat pads can be folded to cover the required area. Remember that heat pads should be placed under the substrate and that the output temperature should be measured from the top of the substrate.

Leopard Gecko Heat Pad Warning

  • Because there are different sized Leopard gecko heat pads with different heat outputs, always make sure the pads are not too warm to prevent overheating and thermal burns.

  • The heat pad should never cover more than about 25% of the floor space. If it does, it can cause serious overheating and death to a Leopard gecko.

  • Prevent direct contact with a heat pad by hiding it under the substrate.

  • Check all electrical equipment and its wiring including Leopard gecko heat pads at least every six months.

Leopard Gecko Heat Pad Availability

  • Specialized reptile related pet shops
  • Most pet shops

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