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Leopard Gecko Thermometer

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Leopard Gecko Thermometer Definition

A thermometer is a testing apparatus used to measure the immediate temperature. A thermometer can indicate temperature either in degrees Celsius (C), degrees Fahrenheit (F) or both.

Some thermometers have an extendable probe which can be placed away from the thermometer unit itself to read the temperatures while others have a build in sensor.

Leopard Gecko Thermometer Types

There are two types of thermometers, namely digital thermometers, which shows the degrees on a little screen, or chemical thermometers, where a chemical substance, i.e. mercury is used to indicate the temperature on an incremental scale.

Leopard Gecko Thermometer Function

A Leopard gecko thermometer can be used for two functions. Initially, it is used during the setup phase to prior to permanently mount the Leopard gecko heat pad. This is done by placing the thermometer exactly on the desired spot.

Secondly a Leopard gecko thermometer is used to monitor the environmental temperature. This is done by mounting the thermometer in the desired area where the temperature must be monitored. This way a sudden increase or decrease can be identified and rectified as soon as it happens.

Leopard Gecko Thermometer Requirements

The main two requirements for Leopard gecko thermometers are that they need to be able to read the desired temperature range for Leopard geckos (25 - 32 C / 77 - 90 F) and that it must be reliable. Reliable thermometers are unfortunately more expensive, but will give you more peace of mind.

Additional thermometer requirements include reasonably priced, small size and attractive looking.

Leopard Gecko Incubator Thermometers

Certain thermometers can also be used for Leopard gecko incubators.

Leopard Gecko Thermometer Availability

  • Some electrical suppliers
  • General purpose stores
  • Specialized reptile related pet shops
  • Home made

Leopard gecko thermometer video

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