Breeding behaviour in Leopard geckos

Breeding behaviour in Leopard geckos
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Breeding behaviour is often seen with adult male and female Leopard geckos during the phases of copulation. This unique, and often considered bizarre, behaviour is mostly visible during the courting phases where males show their interest and readiness their breeding mates.

Leopard gecko breeding behaviour is seen in sexually matured individuals. Sexual maturity in Leopard geckos is generally reached at about 9 to 10 months of age. Although breeding behaviour is mainly seen between male and female Leopard geckos, similar behaviours are also seen between fighting males.

Leopard gecko biting
Male Leopard gecko biting a female behind the head. Image from

Leopard gecko breeding behaviour

Breeding behaviour in Leopard gecko males will start off stalking and circling the female and then getting close to her. There will also be swift tail wagging, wiggling and/or tail vibrations – which can often be heard.

During the pre-copulatory phase the male will start to bite the female in order to hold on for mating.

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