Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Leopard Gecko Breeding

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The ultimate goal of keeping a pet Leopard geckos are probably to simulate its natural environment to such an extend that every possible aspect of its life is replicated. The ultimate test to see if a pet Leopard gecko is happy in the environment you created for it is to see if it is breeding successfully.

Once all the Leopard gecko needs are in place, Leopard gecko breeding is almost inevitable. These reptiles are proliferous and successful breeders and one rarely comes across a pair with Leopard gecko breeding problems.

The natural breeding season of Leopard gecko range from early spring to autumn. Breeding is seasonal.

Leopard Gecko Breeding Pairs

External sexual characteristics can be used for Leopard gecko sexing to identify possible breeding pairs. One obviously need an adult male and adult female pair to breed. The Leopard gecko breeding age or sexual maturity is dependant on the gender, date of birth and weight. In optimum conditions / captivity Leopard geckos can reach sexual maturity at around 18 months (range 16 - 24 months). When external sexual characteristics are visible they are usually said to be sexually mature.

Leopard Gecko Breeding Eggs

Leopard geckos are oviparous (they lay eggs that develop and hatch outside the female body). Males can have a harem of four to six females. After successful mating a female will lay a clutch of two eggs. Healthy females may produce as many as six clutches per year.

Leopard Gecko Breeding Egg Deposition

Most Leopard gecko females will deposit their eggs in a well maintained Leopard gecko hide box. After successful deposition eggs must be transferred to a Leopard gecko incubator for further processing.

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