Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Build Your Own Leopard Gecko Incubator

Basic Reptile Incubator Manual

The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual is a very easy to use guide to build and maintain your own non-commercial Leopard gecko incubator. The actual building section is written in an easy step-by-step fashion and explains all the important aspects in the process including where to obtain all the tools and materials. It also guides the reader through the necessary preparation stages, contains information on egg collection, preparation, substrates to use, record keeping, egg laying, incubation temperatures, incubator test and monitoring and more.

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book-PDF-format)
Pages: 32
28 Full-colour Photos & 2 Illustrations
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Why The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual? (a message from the author):

"We get a large number of customers calling us frantically about their Leopard gecko directly after their female laid eggs. Some are lucky enough to pick up some early signs and are able to organize an appropriate Leopard gecko incubator in time. It does not matter which of the two you are, this The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual eBook has the solution. The necessary parts are available from most hardware or even local general purpose stores and it can be constructed in no time without any hassles. If you are new to the Leopard gecko breeding hobby, the section about egg laying and preparation will tell you everything that is important to know about the preparation of the egg-laying medium, the safe collection of eggs and the transfer to the incubator. There is even a section giving you the time and incubation temperatures of the most common kept reptiles. You don't need anything else to become a successful Leopard gecko breeder!"

Table Of Contents 1
Conversion Factors & Abbreviations 3
Leopard Gecko Incubator Introduction 4
Basic Layout & Materials Needed To Build A Leopard Gecko Incubator 5

The Main Container 5
The Heater-Thermostat Unit 5
The Thermometer 6
The Frame 6
The Egg-Container 6
Basic Leopard Gecko Incubator Setup 7
Introduction 7
Setup Requirements 7
Incubator Construction 8
Incubator Test Run 12
Leopard Gecko Incubator Monitor Sheet 13
Important Pointers 14

Before Incubation 14
During Incubation 14
Incubator Placement 15
Egg Laying 16
Egg Management Before Incubation 18
Record Keeping 19

Introduction 19
Record Sheet Example 21
Leopard Gecko Incubation Record Sheet 22
Management Around Hatching 23
Extra Tips 24
Disinfectant & Sterilization Options 25
Definitions 25
Products & Options 25
Average Incubation Temperatures For Commonly Kept Reptiles 26
Consulted Literature 28
Extra Notes 33

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