Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Leopard Gecko Incubators

Leopard Gecko Incubator

An incubator is any type of enclosure that can be used to set and keep a required temperature and humidity level to incubate Leopard gecko eggs. A Leopard gecko incubator is a little more unique in that it its humidity and temperature can be programmed to incubate Leopard gecko eggs.

Leopard Gecko Incubation

After the successful Leopard gecko breeding process, one can expect some Leopard gecko eggs that needs to be incubated. These animals will usually lay a pair of eggs in the moist Leopard gecko hide box, so be sure to inspect this area regularly during the breeding season.

Unfortunately the unnatural captive care environments of these animals does not allow for the eggs to be incubated in hide boxes without intervention and the eggs must be carefully transferred to a Leopard gecko incubator. These days Leopard gecko incubation becomes more easier as new information and equipment gets released.

Leopard Gecko Incubators

There are various options when it comes to Leopard gecko incubators. Some people prefer to build their own Leopard gecko incubator while others prefer the option of buying commercial Leopard gecko incubators.

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