Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Baby Leopard Gecko Care

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Baby Leopard Gecko Care Recommendations

So you just got your first baby Leopard gecko. Now what? Most problems occur within the first few days during the so-called baby Leopard gecko adaptation period. Even if the enclosure setup is according to specs, even if the lighting and temperatures are within range, some problems are bound to happen. The most important pointers are summarized below.

  • Keep the enclosure temperature constant

  • Keep the Leopard gecko photoperiod constant

  • Restrict the handling of baby Leopard geckos

  • Only feed gut loaded & dusted food

  • Give food in flat container within site of main sitting areas

  • Keep the enclosure closed and secure at all times

  • Keep movement in front of the enclosure to a minimum

  • Only feed a few (two or three) crickets at a time (only add more if the baby Leopard gecko ate them all)

  • Only feed the smallest possible feeder crickets

Some of these recommendations are going to be difficult at first. You just got your new, interesting pet baby Leopard gecko and you want to show it to everybody. Don't do it, or at least try to do within the enclosure. Only a few days without food is enough to make your Leopard gecko baby weak enough to have a severe disadvantage or even die!

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