Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Leopard Gecko Prices & Cost

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Questions that gets asked a lot is:

What is the Leopard gecko price range?


How much does a Leopard gecko cost?

The question one should actually ask is, what will a Leopard gecko cost me? This answer to this very important question is twofold. First, yes, what does a Leopard gecko actually cost i.e. what will it cost me to buy a new Leopard gecko (or to determine what babies are actually worth for selling), but more importantly, what are the maintenance costs of keeping a pet Leopard gecko.

So many people think that there is only a once-off expense when purchasing a Leopard gecko. While the initial costs can actually set you back quite a bit, the ongoing costs must also be considered. I will try to explain all the important aspects involved in the total costs of keeping a pet Leopard gecko:

  1. The initial cost of a new Leopard gecko (i.e. Leopard gecko price)

  2. The initial cost of Leopard gecko housing

  3. The ongoing cost of Leopard gecko feeding

  4. The ongoing cost of a Leopard gecko enclosure

1 ) Because Leopard geckos are established pets and bred in large numbers, their prices are relative low in comparison with other lizards and even snakes. I reckon a good price for a normal baby (six weeks) Gecko is ZAR 500, or about U$D60 in 2009. There will be a slight variation in the Leopard gecko price range depending on your local availability. Commercially available pet Leopard geckos become more expensive with age, while some colour and pattern variations will also cost more.

2) The initial cost to set up Leopard gecko enclosure can also set you back quite a bit. It is actually normal to pay three to four times more for the caging and all of its accessories than for the gecko itself! A proper sized, good quality Leopard gecko cage or enclosure will last the lifetime of the gecko itself. Additional accessories such as Leopard gecko lighting, Leopard gecko heating a suitable substrate will also contribute to the initial costs.

3) Food, mainly live insects, is probably going to be the most expensive part of keeping a pet Leopard gecko. Apart from the need of having a constant reliable supply of live feeder crickets, one must also consider the price of these insects on a regular, weekly to monthly basis. Although it is cheaper in the States and probably other parts of the world, a weeks supply of crickets in South Africa can easily set you back about ZAR 50.

4) Electrical hardware that need regular inspection and replacement includes the wiring, the heat bulbs and the enclosure substrate. The ongoing costs of electricity use also needs to be considered in this category.

Always Remember
Only to buy healthy Leopard geckos from reputable pet shops and breeders. Make sure to buy Leopard geckos that are captive bred in your own country and that it is not illegally imported or caught from the wild.

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