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Leopard Gecko Handling

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Leopard Gecko Handling

A Leopard gecko can be picked up by gently scooping your hand under its belly while supporting the body with the other. Let them rest in your palm with your fingers gently curled over the back. Leopard gecko are very gentle and docile creatures, but a fright might lead to one trying to jump to the ground!

Handling A Leopard Gecko

Remember that handling a Leopard gecko is a responsibility and it should not be passed onto children or irresponsible handlers. When a Leopard gecko is not handled properly it might be accidentally crushed or dropped with might lead to serious Leopard gecko injuries! Excessive Leopard gecko handling can lead to Leopard gecko eating problems and handling during the shedding period can lead to shedding problems.

Baby Leopard Gecko Handling

A baby Leopard gecko should be handled with even more caution than an adult one! Gently curl your fingers around the entire body making a "cage" before lifting it out of its enclosure. Tame baby Leopard geckos can also be encouraged by a gentle shove to go and sit in or on your hand.

I strongly discourage the handling of young (less than about six months of age) Leopard geckos as the change in temperature might significantly influence their feeding behavior.


Baby Leopard gecko handling demonstration
This video also contains additional tips on Leopard gecko handling.
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