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Leopard Gecko Humidity

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Leopard Gecko Humidity

The humidity is defined as the amount of moisture in the air. It is expressed as a percentage. Being desert reptiles, the normal environmental Leopard gecko humidity should be as low as possible. At the recommended setup the Leopard gecko humidity will automatically be low and you generally you need little effort from your side to keep it like that.

Although wild Leopard geckos spend a lot of their time in dry environments, they still have access moist, high humidity underground burrows. This gives them a place to cool down and to prepare for the Leopard gecko shedding process.

Leopard Gecko Humidity Box

This high Leopard gecko humidity environment can be created in captivity by using a properly prepared hide box. A Leopard gecko hide box should have a entrance hole just large enough for the gecko to move in and out and the inside should be covered with a high moisture holding substrate (i.e. moistened vermiculite or sphagnum moss). The Leopard gecko hide box should be placed on the cooler side of the vivarium.

Leopard Gecko Humidity Problems

The most common Leopard gecko humidity related problem is most certainly where no- or an incorrectly prepared hide box is supplied. A low Leopard gecko humidity will most commonly lead to shedding problems due to mild dehydration. This will be evident by having a increased incidence of tail and toe constrictions.

A high Leopard gecko humidity, although rare, might increase the incidence of parasites and diseases.

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