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Leopard Gecko Husbandry

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Leopard Gecko Husbandry

Husbandry refers to all the practices involved in keeping a pet Leopard gecko. It includes, but is not limited to Leopard gecko housing, Leopard gecko temperature and Leopard gecko feeding. It is said that about 80% of Leopard gecko diseases and other medical related problems are due to incorrect husbandry.

Correct Leopard Gecko Husbandry

Although there is a lot said about the detailed keeping of Leopard geckos, some Leopard gecko husbandry aspects are more important than others. I will explain the most important points briefly, but the specific links should supply more detailed information on its specific topic.

The correct Leopard gecko husbandry with regards to housing includes a large enough enclosure for normal physical and physiological functioning. The recommended floor space for a single Leopard gecko is at least 30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12 ". One to three geckos can be housed together in an 13 ℓ / 3.5 gal (US) ADDIS™ (35 x 25 x 15 cm / 14 x 10 x 5.5 ") container with the correct setup. A 10 gallon / 40 -50 ℓ tank / aquarium can also be used to house a few geckos. Other means of Leopard gecko housing includes cabinets and plastic cages. The floor space should increase with at least 25% for every Gecko added after that. "Pal pens™ "or "Desert dens™ "can also be used.

Temperature related Leopard gecko husbandry includes supplying the correct ambient or background temperature. Under tank heating such as a commercially available heat pads / heat strips should be used as external heat source if the room temperature is below 25 ºC / 77 ºF. This equipment should be placed in such as way to only emit about a third of the floor surface of the terrarium and should be separated by the (secured) substrate to prevent direct contact with the lizard.

Leopard gecko  feeding should consist of a combination of good quality insects like crickets, cockroaches, silkworms, Phoenix worms and mealworms. Leopard gecko feedings should also be supplemented with a good quality calcium supplement two to three times a week and all insects should be gut loaded with an appropriate gut loading food.

Leopard Gecko Husbandry Problems

Some parts of Leopard gecko husbandry are severely neglected by certain owners. It has been said many times that Leopard geckos are very hardy animals to keep in captivity, but they need the correct husbandry to thrive. Leopard gecko husbandry problems can lead to various diseases, of which the most important one is Leopard gecko MBD (metabolic bone disease).

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