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Leopard Gecko Lighting

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Leopard Gecko Lighting

Because these animals are nocturnal (mainly active during the evenings), Leopard gecko lighting is probably going to be more important for the keeper than the animal. In terrariums or containers where natural light shines through the sides of the container no additional lighting will be necessary. The transparency of the the container sides is an important consideration especially where space is limited. Leopard gecko lighting is however important in terrariums for showing purposes and to a lesser degree for the photoperiod of breeding Leopard geckos.

Leopard Gecko Lights

The most efficient or recommended Leopard gecko light is going to be the one that uses the least power to emit the most amount of light (only in the case where heat lamps are not being used as the heat source). Because of their efficiency and cheap price Leopard gecko fluorescent lighting is always a popular choice. Remember to match the length and wattage output of the fluorescent tube with the fitting being used. In larger containers or enclosures, any form of lighting can be used as long as it does not interfere with the Leopard gecko temperature.

Leopard Gecko Ultraviolet Lighting

At this stage it is very controversial weather Leopard geckos need ultraviolet lighting, and at this stage I would not recommend exposing them to it.

Leopard Gecko Light Cycle

The Leopard gecko light cycle, or so-called Leopard gecko photoperiod is the time over a period of twenty four hours a Leopard gecko terrarium should be exposed to visible light. This is probably even less important for these nocturnal lizards, but might make breeding a bit more efficient. When an owner wants to set the Leopard gecko light cycle the day period should range from fourteen hours light during the summer witch gradually decrease to about twelve hours during the winter. Lighting can be used in conjunction with a Leopard gecko timer to keep the normal Leopard gecko light cycle the same.

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