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Leopard Gecko Needs

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What Does A Leopard Gecko Need

This page discusses the most important pet Leopard gecko needs. These lizards basically need little from your side to keep them happy, but there are some basics that must be adhered too. Remember that we are taking these animals out of their Leopard gecko natural environments and are putting them in a small area where they are supposed to have thrive.

What A Leopard Gecko Needs

Leopard Gecko Lighting Needs

Even though Leopard geckos are nocturnal (spend most of their waking time at night), they might need some sort of visible light to keep their day-night rhythm / photoperiod going (esp. breeding Leopard geckos). A Leopard gecko should never be kept in total darkness. Basic lighting can be in the form of fluorescent light bulbs, but regular light shining through the vivarium will most often be enough for Leopard geckos. Lighting can be used in conjunction with a timer to keep the normal day-night periods the same.

At this stage it is very controversial weather Leopard geckos need ultraviolet lighting, and at this stage I would not recommend exposing them to it.


1 Leopard gecko caging needs


3 Leopard gecko sitting needs

 4 Leopard gecko heat pad
Leopard gecko water needs

5 Leopard gecko feeding needs



 Figure 1  Basic Leopard gecko needs. 1 Cabinet type containers are perfect to house one or more Leopard geckos; 2 A So called Desert den™. Because of their lack of activity, a large container is most often enough to house one or two Leopard geckos. 3 A piece of driftwood used as cage decoration; 4 Leopard gecko heat pad or heat strip. 5 Natural looking food & water bowls; 6 Normal dog & cat food & water bowls.

What Size Tank Does A Leopard Gecko Need?

How big a cage does a Leopard gecko need? As you can think for yourself, the recommended Leopard gecko cage size is based upon what worked in previous and popular setups. A lot of literature suggest the cage sizes the author was using as basis for his / her article or paper, based upon (what he / she perceived as) the well being and happiness of the animal. Leopard gecko cage sizes are also dependant on what is commercially available, i.e. the average sized tank / aquarium or in the case of South Africa the average sized reptile cabinet.

In my opinion a single Leopard gecko can be housed in an area as small as 30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12 ", but bigger is always better. Although Leopard geckos are terrestrial or ground dwelling one might still escape in shallow or unsealed containers. One or two Leopards can be housed together in an 13 ℓ / 3.5 gallon (US) ADDIS™ (35 x 25 x 15 cm / 14 x 10 x 5.5 ") container with the correct setup. A 10 gallon / 30 -50 ℓ / (61 x 23 x 33) cm / (24 x 9 x 13) " tank or aquarium, a small reptile cabinet, "Pal pens™ "or "Desert dens™ " can also be used to house a single to a few Leopard gecko. The floor space should increase with at least 25% for every gecko added after that.

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