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Leopard Gecko Substrate

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Leopard Gecko Substrate

The substrate or bedding is the material that is on the bottom floor of the Leopard gecko's vivarium. Each Leopard gecko substrate has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The ideal substrate is one that is inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, absorbent and digestible when swallowed.

Suitable Leopard gecko substrates include newspaper, carpet and coarse gravel. I don't recommend using sand, even if most keepers have success with this substrate.

a Leopard gecko carpet substrate b Leopard gecko gravel substrate c Leopard gecko sand substrate d Leopard gecko incubation substrate e Leopard gecko hide box substrate

 Figure 1  Leopard gecko substrates. a Leopard gecko carpet substrate. This is one of the best Leopard gecko substrates available; b Leopard gecko coarse gravel substrate; c Leopard gecko sand substrate. Although Leopard gecko  naturally live on sand these substrates tend to cause various problems in captivity; d Vermiculite can be used as both a hide box and Leopard gecko incubation substrate; e Moist sphagnum moss is perfect for Leopard gecko hide box substrate.


Leopard Gecko Substrate Warning

Any Leopard gecko bedding consisting of particles (i.e. sand, gravel etc.) can be accidentally or purposefully ingested by these animals and carries the dangers of causing deadly obstruction and impaction. None of this type of substrate is 100% safe. Their justification is based on the probability of being ingested or swallowed based on the size of the lizard and husbandry methods practiced.

Best Leopard Gecko Substrate

The safest or best Leopard gecko substrates with regard to ingestion are paper- and carpet-like substrates, but they have obvious aesthetic disadvantages.

Leopard Gecko Hide Box Substrate

A Leopard gecko hide box should always be available as means of shelter during the day. Moist sphagnum moss or moist vermiculite should always be supplied in a closed hiding box for Leopard geckos to stay cool during the day and for normal shedding to take place. Vermiculite should be mixed 50 / 50 volume with water and sphagnum moss should be wetted excessively and excess water should be manually expressed.

Leopard Gecko Incubation Substrate

The best Leopard gecko incubation substrate is vermiculite. This substrate is relatively cheap, easy obtainable and tends to hold moist very efficiently.

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