Pet Leopard Gecko Care & Information (Eublepharis macularius)
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Leopard Gecko eBooks

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All the Leopard gecko eBooks featured here are written and maintained by the author of this, Renier Delport. All efforts are made to give accurate, but also experienced Leopard gecko related information, some never found in any other Leopard gecko book or website. The Leopard gecko eBooks are regularly updated.

A Word From The Author

"To all my current eBook clients, thank you for your support. I hope I did not disappoint with the content. Thank you for your feedback. Without it I wouldn't be able to update and expand on various important aspects of my books.

To my future clients, your support will be greatly appreciated. I always aspire to give the best possible information available for everyone to benefit from, including your Leopard gecko. I make a point of doing tons of research which is then, together with more than ten years of experience incorporated into easy understandable text and visuals."


Leopard gecko eBook - Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects

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Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects contain everything you need to know about breeding you own crickets on a non-commercial scale, but due to the current gap in the market and need, I've also included a lot of basic principles of commercial breeding.

Topics such as breeding (step-by-step), feeding, dusting, gut loading, temperature regulation, economics and biology is discussed in full, but easy to understand details. The book also contains two easy-preparable dry cricket gut loading recipes and a easy to prepare maintenance recipe for optimum crickets health and breeding.

Due to the popular demand the eBook is already in its second print (revised second print). Feedback from previous clients implemented a few changes that made an overall improvement and an even better reason to have this book.

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Leopard gecko eBook - Basic Reptile Incubator Manual

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The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual is a very easy to use guide to build and maintain your own basic reptile incubator. This is perfect for incubating Leopard gecko eggs! The actual building section is written in an easy step-by-step fashion and explains all the important aspects in the process.

It will also guide you through the necessary preparation stage and contains information on egg collection, preparation, substrates to use, record keeping egg laying, incubation temperatures and more…

We've been using the same incubator from the start and it is still a huge success! All the electrical equipment mentioned is relatively cheap and easy obtainable from ordinary shops.

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Other Leopard Gecko eBooks

Philippe de Vosjoli, 2003 Leopard Gecko Manual, The. Bowtie Press.
.:Buy from (RSA):.

Liz Palika, 2007 Leopard Geckos For Dummies. For Dummies.
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