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Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects contains everything you need to know about breeding you own crickets on a non-commercial scale, but due to the current gap in the market and need, I've also included a lot of basic principles of commercial breeding. Topics such as breeding (step-by-step), feeding, dusting, gut loading, temperature regulation, economics and biology is discussed in full, but easy to understand details. The book also contains two easy-preparable dry cricket gut loading recipes and a easy to prepare maintenance recipe for optimum cricket health and breeding.
Due to the popular demand this book is already in its third edition. Feedback from previous clients implemented a few changes that made an overall improvement and an even better reason to have this book.

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book-PDF-format)
Pages: 21
30 Full-colour Photos & 2 Illustrations
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Why Order This eBook (a message from the author):

"I feel that it is unnecessary for Leopard gecko keepers to pay unnecessary high prices for crickets if the only thing that stands in the way of breeding their own is in fact knowledge. The main objective with this eBook is to make lizard keeping more affordable and accessible (especially in South Africa). There is no use in keeping lizards in areas where there is no food or where it is merely impossible to get hold off. The price you pay for this book is simply not comparable to the initial costs of trial and error breeding methods. This book will also save you a lot of money in buying crickets as food. The secondary objective is to increase the popularity of Leopard geckos, not only in the trade, but also as common household pets.

Keeping & Breeding Crickets As Feeder Insects is not only intended for people interested in commercial cricket breeding, but also for those who only wants to feed their private lizard collection. There are a lot of resources out there on the topic of cricket breeding, especially on the internet, but none of them explains the process in full details (step-by-step), sometimes needed for the final touch. Some people claim that the process is easy, but more than one came back to me to get "the secret". It is not a secret, but it is becoming a science. This book is based on my own breeding experience and methods. You don't need a lot of space to breed your own crickets. What is more is that the input costs for increasing cricket production will rise according to production and is not fixed, meaning that you can breed according to need, and not to cover initial costs."

"This is your guarantee to successful cricket breeding!"

Table Of Contents 1
Conversions & Abbreviations 2
Foreword 3
Leopard Gecko Cricket Breeding Introduction 4
What Type Of Crickets & Why 5
Basic Cricket Biology 7
Cricket Classification 7
Cricket Zoology 7
Basic Cricket Identification 7
Cricket Life Stages 7
Cricket Natural Environment 8
Cricket Life Cycle 8
Molting & Exoskeletons 8
Before Starting To Keep & Breed Crickets 10
The Basic Keeping Of Crickets 11
The Basic Breeding Of Crickets 15
Basic Small Scale Breeding 15
Larger Scale Breeding 17
All-in-all-out Systems 18
Temperature Regulation 20
Thermokinetic Physics 20
Leopard Gecko Cricket Breeding Stats & Facts 22
Basic Marketing & Economics 23
Feeding Crickets To Leopard Geckos 29
Cricket Gut Loading 29
Gut Loading Recipe 1 29
Gut Loading Recipe 2 29
Dusting Crickets 30
Glossary 33

Why To Breed Your Own Crickets

  • You are less dependant on other breeders/pet shops for crickets

  • It is far (and I mean FAR) less expensive than to buy crickets

  • There is no more buying of dead crickets

  • You breed the size of crickets you need

  • You determine the quality of cricket you want

  • It is educational and gives you better perspective and knowledge on the overall keeping of your Leopard gecko

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