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Leopard Gecko Dubia Roaches

Blaptica dubia
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Leopard gecko Dubia roaches

Leopard Gecko Dubia Roaches

Leopard gecko Dubia roaches, also called Dubias (Blaptica dubia) are a healthy well balanced foodstuff for captive kept Leopard geckos and other insectivorous lizards. As with most other well balanced insects, Dubias contain most of the main ingredients, namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. The fact that Dubias are practical and easy to breed, manageable and non-odorous makes them increasingly popular feeder insects.

Leopard Gecko Dubia Roach Sizes

Adult Dubia roaches can grow to the size of about 3.8 cm / 1 ". This makes Dubia roach adults perfect for almost any sized Leopard gecko, except for babies. Baby Leopard geckos can be fed on Dubia nymphs which are about 3 mm / 1/8 " in length.

Leopard Gecko Dubia Roach Feeding

Feeder Dubias should always be gut loaded twenty four to forty eight hours prior to being fed to Leopard geckos.

Leopard Gecko Dubia Roach Information

Female Dubias have no wings where the males does (but they rarely fly). These insects are slow moving, do not like to climb vertical surfaces and are not noisy. Dubia roach adults are blackish with brown markings and the growing nymphs are brownish with spots. Stages appear white right after molting. Unlike most other cockroaches and crickets, Dubia roaches are known to have a non-odorous smell. Some people describes it as a earthy smell.

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