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Leopard Gecko Gut Loading

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Leopard Gecko Gut Loading

Leopard gecko supplementation can either be done via gut loading or so-called dusting or sprinkling. Gut loading refers to Leopard gecko food items and literally translates to loading the intestines with a highly nutritious food. Leopard gecko gut loading is done by feeding insects a highly palatable and nutritious diet prior feeding. Insects are therefore the transport medium for these minerals. Nowadays it is recommended to feed insects gut loading foods for longer periods of time to improve their own body composition in addition to filling the intestines.

Gut loading food can be in the form of dry or fresh foods. A fresh mixture of everyday fruit and vegetable remains can be fed to these insects. Dry gut loading foods can be in the form of various commercial or self-made Leopard gecko gut loading mixtures.

Cricket Gut Loading

Crickets are probably the most important insect you will feed to your Leopard gecko. Fortunately cricket gut loading is a simple process and is simply done by replacing their regular food with a high quality cricket gut loading food. Crickets should be gut loaded forty eight to twenty four hours prior to their offering to Leopard geckos.

Various commercial cricket gut load foods are also available from the internet or some specialized reptile pet shops.

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