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Leopard Gecko Phoenix Worms

Hermetia illucens
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Leopard gecko Phoenix worm

Leopard Gecko Phoenix Worms

Phoenix worms® is a relatively newcomer to the feeder insects market. They are said to be the next generation, foodstuff for Leopard geckos and other insectivorous pets. Leopard gecko Phoenix worms are the larvae of the commonly known Black Soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). Their relatively high protein (ca. 17.3%) and low fat (ca. 9.4%) makes them ideal as a staple diet or to fit in as any part thereof.

The features that really stands out with Leopard gecko Phoenix worms are that they are naturally high in calcium, their very favorable Ca:P ratio (1.52) and their natural Leuric acid content.

Leopard Gecko Phoenix Worm Sizes

Commercial Phoenix worms are sold in large, medium and small sizes. Small size Phoenix worms range from 5 - 8 mm / 3/16 - 5/16 " in length and can be fed very small Leopard gecko babies.

Medium size worms are about 12 mm / 7/16 " long where large or adult size worms measure in at about 18 mm / 3/4 ".

Leopard Gecko Phoenix Worm Availability

Leopard gecko Phoenix worms are sold commercially under that name. It is available to order from the internet from various websites.

Leopard gecko Phoenix worm packaging 
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