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Leopard Gecko Superworms

Zoophobas morio

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Leopard gecko superworms

Leopard Gecko Superworms

Leopard gecko Superworms, also called Leopard gecko Kingworms, Zoophobas or "Supers", are the larval stage of the Darkling beetle (Zophobas morio). Because of their size, adult larvae resemble very large mealworms. Some people make the mistake in thinking that Superworms and giant mealworms are one and the same thing. Giant mealworms are mealworms (T. molitor) that were treated with steroids. Avoid feeding these to Leopard gecko.

Leopard Gecko Superworms Feeding

When comparing Leopard gecko Kingworms with mealworms, they have more protein (ca. 17% Vs. 20%) less fat (ca. 18% Vs. 13%), are just as tasty and are almost just as deficient in calcium (Ca:P ratio of 1:18 Vs. 1:25). As with mealworms, Superworms should be balanced with nutritious foodstuffs such as crickets and cockroaches.

Leopard gecko Superworms can be offered in a shallow escape proof dish with a suitable calcium supplementation to stimulate its intake. Small or baby Superworms (1.2 - 2 cm / - " in length) are the perfect size for juvenile and adult geckos.

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