Handling a Leopard gecko

Handling a Leopard gecko
by Author Renier Delport
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Leopard geckos should be handled in certain ways to prevent them from jumping, dashing and injuring themselves while at a height. Diseases might also be transmitted while handling a Leopard gecko.

The correct way to handle a Leopard gecko

Adult and baby Leopard geckos should be handled differently. Larger adult Leopard geckos are handled with two hands. They should be picked-up by scooping one hand under the belly while supporting the rest of body with the other hand. Allow the Leopard gecko to rest on the pal of your hand while your fingers are gently curled over its back. When sitting down, a tame Leopard gecko can be allowed to sit on the body of the handler.

A baby Leopard gecko should be handled with extra caution. They are picked-up by using your hand to make a ‘cage’ around the body. Tame baby Leopard geckos can also be encouraged by a gentle shove to go and sit in your hand before ‘caging’ the fingers around the body. When handling a baby Leopard gecko, use slow movements and restrict handling to a bare minimum.

When handling any Leopard gecko, it should be observed closely at all times. When it starts to get uncomfortable it may decide, or get ready, to jump. Children should preferable handle Leopard geckos under supervision of adults.

Falling injuries

Falling injuries are commonly seen in pet Leopard geckos. Although falls from shorter distances often goes without injuries, falling from significant heights (e.g. from a sitting lap or standing person) can lead to serious injuries. Handling and holding a Leopard gecko correctly will prevent this from happening.

Hygiene practices while handling a Leopard gecko

After handling a Leopard gekoc (or any other reptile), handlers should follow proper hygiene practices. This includes washing or wiping your hands and any in-contact body parts with an appropriate disinfectant.

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About the author
Renier has a keen interest in the welfare of pet reptiles. He has been keeping and treating Leopard geckos for many years and has written various forms of literature on them and other fascinating reptiles.

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