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Leopard Gecko Bacteria


Leopard Gecko Bacterial Infections

Leopard gecko bacterial infections are a common sequel to physical injuries that breaks the integrity of the skin or the mucous membranes. It is most commonly the result of physical Leopard gecko injuries.

Leopard Gecko Abscess

A large percentage of Leopard gecko infections will lead to abscessation, especially without medical intervention. Once a Leopard gecko abscess started to form, it must be surgically debrided under sedation or full anaestesia. Abscesses can lead to a sick Leopard gecko with a bacteraemia (bacteria that spread to the bloodstream), which can be life threatening.

Leopard Gecko Infection Prevention

The best way to prevent a Leopard gecko bacterial infection is to start with a topical antiseptic immediately after the injury. Popular products include F10 which can be used as a spray, or a dilution to use as a daily bath. These and similar products are available as from your local veterinarian.

Leopard Gecko Infection Treatment

Once an infection has kicked in the best way to treat is with a combination of antibiotics and topical antiseptics. In severe cases supportive treatment might include force feeding and parenteral fluids (drips). Leopard gecko infections should be treated under the supervision of a reptile friendly veterinarian. Leopard gecko abscesses should also be treated by a skilled Leopard gecko vet.

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