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Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidium

Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidiosis - Leopard gecko Cryptosporidia (Cryptosporidium spp.)

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Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidium

Leopard gecko cryptosporidium (also called leopard gecko Cryptosporidiosis and Crypto) is a very serious, potentially devastating, largely unfamiliar, emerging disease in this species. It is a contagious protozoal disease that invades the gastrointestinal tract, mainly the small intestines. This disease almost always end in severe emaciation and death.

Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidia Life-cycle

Leopard gecko Cryptosporidia has a direct life cycle and is acquired by exposure to faecal-contaminated food and water. After the ingestion of infective oocysts, they give rise to various stages of the parasite, which grows and replicate in multiple sites of the small intestines of their host. At the end of their life cycle adults produce oocysts again which are excreted via faeces into the environment. Leopard gecko Cryptosporidia can build up in captivity.

Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidium Signs

One of the biggest problems with Leopard gecko Cryptosporidiosis is that all infected animals will have clinical signs (sub-clinical). Clinically affected Leopard geckos will mainly show gastrointestinal signs which includes the following:

  • Partial or complete anorexia (lack of appetite)

  • Extreme weight loss & poor body condition (i.e. thin or so-called pencil tail)

  • Dehydration (wrinkled skin & sunken eyes)

  • Weakness (lying flat)

  • Lethargy or dullness (unaware of its surroundings)

More specific Leopard gecko Cryptosporidiosis symptoms include:

  • Leopard gecko skin regurgitation

  • Mucous-laden, cottage cheese stools

Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidium Diagnosis

Cryptosporidiosis in Leopard geckos is difficult to diagnose. What makes the situation even worse, is that it can linger for months to even years in a Leopard gecko without being suspected, in which time it is transmitted to other geckos!

After conventional tests and treatments have failed to improve the condition of a Leopard gecko, Cryptosporidium must be suspected. It can only be diagnosed with a specific test done on stool samples. Sometimes multiple / follow up tests must be used as the test is not always accurate the first or second time. It must also be said that these tests are very expensive.

Leopard Gecko Cryptosporidium Treatment & Control

At this stage it must be stressed that although there has been huge efforts made to find a cure, there is currently no efficient treatment for Cryptosporidium in Leopard geckos. Because of this, the potential threat, its chronicity and problematic diagnosis it is recommended to euthinaze all infected Leopard geckos. Leopard gecko hygiene probably plays a huge roll in the prevention and control of these parasites. Diagnoses, possible treatment and euthanasia should only commence under the supervision of a experienced reptile vet.

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