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Leopard Gecko Fall Injuries

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Leopard Gecko Fall Injuries

Leopard gecko falling injuries are usually as result of incorrect Leopard gecko handling. Its often due to negligence from the side of the owner.

Leopard Gecko Fall Injury Signs

Leopard gecko fall injuries can lead to an array of clinical signs. Most signs are due to internal bleeding or fractured extremities. Internal bleeding can be identified almost immediately by swelling of the abdomen, or by seeing blood pouring from the mouth. Bone fractures due to this type of injuries are usually indicated by leg swelling or the inability to use the specific leg. In the long term Leopard gecko fall injuries will lead to lethargy and anorexia and even to sudden death.

Leopard Gecko Fall Treatment

All Leopard gecko fall injuries should be inspected by a qualified reptile vet as soon as possible. Expensive radiography or ultrasonography might be needed to aid in the diagnoses. Treatable injuries will usually need a combination of parenteral fluids (drips), rest or surgical repair for fractures, surgical exploration for internal bleeding, pain killers and antibiotics.

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