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Leopard Gecko Hygiene

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Leopard Gecko Hygiene

Leopard gecko hygiene include everything that has to do with the cleanliness of these animals and can be broadly divided into hygiene for the gecko and hygiene for the owner. By practicing proper hygiene  the spread of diseases can be prevented.

Leopard Gecko Hygiene Practices

Correct Leopard gecko hygiene practices can help to reduce the incidence and spreading of diseases. The most important Leopard gecko practice is the daily cleaning and disinfection of food and water bowls.

The daily removal of of stool is also very important. Remember to use an inverted plastic bag instead of your bare hands and to wash your hands after each cleaning session!

Other Leopard gecko hygiene practices include the removal and disinfection of Leopard gecko substrate and cage furniture.

Leopard Gecko Sterilization & Disinfection

Sterilization refers to the removal of all microorganisms from objects (as suppose to live tissue), whereas disinfection refers to the cleaning of live tissues i.e. your hands. There are various sterilants and disinfectant on the market. Popular Leopard gecko sterilants include F10 products (available form your local veterinarian) and properly diluted bleach solutions.

Leopard Gecko Owner Hygiene Practices

The most important hygiene practice for Leopard gecko owners are probably hand washing after each time a Leopard gecko has been handled. This will prevent the spread from one gecko to the next, but more importantly between a Leopard gecko and yourself. Various antiseptic / disinfection hand wash soaps are available from your local pharmacy for this purpose.

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