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Leopard Gecko Injuries

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Leopard Gecko Injury

There are various types of Leopard gecko injuries, some more commonly seen than others. Although Leopard gecko injuries are rarely seen, some of the more common types of injuries are Leopard gecko falling injuries, crushing injuries, minor bite injuries from fighting cage mates or from crickets and toe injuries from Leopard gecko shedding problems.

Leopard Gecko Falling & Crushing Injuries

Leopard gecko falling injuries are seen from time to time. Irresponsible handlers or incorrect Leopard gecko handling can lead to loss of control subsequent falling of the animal. Leopard gecko falling injuries can cause major internal injuries and bone fractures. Internal injuries from falling can be identified within the first few hours by enlargement of the abdomen or blood in or from the mouth. Later signs include Leopard gecko lethargy and unwillingness to eat.

Leopard gecko crushing injuries, although rare, are also seen occasionally. This can be in conjunction with Leopard gecko fall injuries or on its own where for example heavy cage furniture fell and crushed the gecko. It is usually less severe than falling injuries, but some will need veterinary intervention.

Fractures from falling or crushing injuries will be seen by leg or tail swelling or reluctance to use the fractured extremity. This type of Leopard gecko injury can in rare occasions be complicated by the introduction of infections into the injured tissues.

Leopard Gecko Biting Injuries

Any type of Leopard gecko biting injury can potentially lead to bacterial infection and subsequent abscessation. It is better to prevent the devastating effects of wound infections by early antibiotics.

Leopard Gecko Burns

Leopard gecko burns are usually due to direct contact with one or other heating equipment. It is not something that happens often, but when it does it can be quite serious. Leopard gecko burn injuries are usually evident by anorexia, discoloration, swelling, blisters or loss of function of the effected area.

Leopard Gecko Injury Treatment

When any type of Leopard gecko injury is suspected, it it must be presented to a reptile friendly veterinarian as soon as possible. Biting injuries can lead to serious infections which can lead to abscessation, or worse, to shock and subsequent death!. Expensive radiographs and/or ultrasonography might be necessary to diagnose the type and extend of the Leopard gecko injuries. Leopard gecko abscesses must be surgically lanced (opened up) and treated with the appropriate antibiotics. Parenteral fluids (drips), antiseptics, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories / some degree of pain medication and force feeding might be necessary to treat some of the other injury cases.

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