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Leopard Gecko Parasites

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Leopard Gecko Parasites

There are various types of Leopard gecko parasites, some much more common than others. The definition of a parasite is an organism which lives of its host, to the advantage of itself and the detriment of the host. Parasites also need their host to live and be able to reproduce. Leopard gecko parasites are no exception.

Leopard Gecko Parasite Types

Leopard gecko parasites can be broadly divided into internal parasites and external parasites.

Internal parasites are probably more common than external parasites, but even if this is so, it is not something that is very common in these lizards. Internal Leopard gecko parasites those which live inside their host, i.e. inside the intestines. Important internal parasites include worms and Leopard gecko Cryptosporidium. These parasites unusually affects the gut lining of Leopard geckos. Most of them are transmitted between geckos, or from an infected environment to a Leopard gecko. Common external parasites includes Leopard gecko mites.

Leopard Gecko Parasite Symptoms

Most Leopard gecko parasite symptoms are unspecific (not specific to parasites of Leopard geckos). General signs include the following:

More specific Leopard gecko parasite symptoms include:

  • Diarrhoea (abnormal or runny faeces and / or cloacal soiling)

  • Blood tinged stool

  • Vomition

Leopard Gecko Parasite Prevention

The most important aspects of Leopard gecko parasite prevention is probably proper hygiene and quarantine. Stools should be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent parasites from infecting new dragons or re-infecting the same Leopard gecko over and over.

As with all pets, it is recommended to have even a healthy Leopard gecko evaluated by a Leopard gecko veterinarian on a routine or regular basis. Important problems like Leopard gecko parasites can be identified early and rectified before it becomes a problem. It is preferable to have a Leopard gecko evaluated for parasites at the time of purchase, before or during its quarantine period and then at least every six months after that. Remember to accompany the gecko with a fresh / wet faecal sample sealed in an airtight sealable bag.

Leopard Gecko Parasite Treatment

Never attempt to treat a sick Leopard gecko yourself. Leopard gecko parasite treatment is very specific and it is important to make a proper diagnoses first before a remedy is subscribed. Always take your Leopard gecko to a reptile friendly veterinarian accommodated with a fresh stool sample to aid in the diagnoses.

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