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Leopard Gecko Quarantine

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Leopard Gecko Quarantine

Quarantine is defined as the isolation period a new or sick Leopard gecko should go through before it is introduced to other geckos. It is meant to prevent the transmission of clinical and sub-clinical diseases from one Leopard gecko to another. If a gecko is still healthy after the Leopard gecko quarantine period it will exclude the probability of having a disease and it can be safely transferred to a vivarium with other animals.

Leopard Gecko Quarantine Enclosure

Leopard geckos should be quarantined with most of their recommended needs. Even if this is the case, the caging must be easy accessible to be cleaned out efficiently and regularly. Newspaper or brown butcher paper are the substrates of choice and there should be as little cage furniture as possible.

A newly bought Leopard gecko should always be quarantined individually.

Leopard Gecko Quarantine Inspection

Before animals are allowed to enter the Leopard gecko quarantine period they should be examined by a specialized reptile veterinarian. These Leopard gecko should preferably be handled with latex gloves to prevent the transmission of potential zoonotic diseases. Animals must be thoroughly inspected for external parasites and a faecal examination will identify Leopard gecko worms. In addition to this it is recommended that up to three faecal examinations are performed during the Leopard gecko quarantine period. While these animals are quarantined they should also be observed for any signs of Leopard gecko diseases. If any signs are observed it should be treated accordingly and the quarantine period should be extended to the original period extending from when the animal is healthy.

Leopard Gecko Quarantine Period

The Leopard gecko quarantine period should be for at least three to six months before it is introduced to other animals. This is especially important in large established collections.

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