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Leopard Gecko Friendly Vet Needed

You suddenly realize that your beloved pet Leopard gecko is not quite himself, what now? This is unfortunately sometimes a little too late to do something about it. The best advice I can give is to get the little fellow at a reptile friendly veterinarian as soon as possible.

One problem, as you will soon find out, is that not all vets are prepared or able to look at pet reptiles. Reptile subjects are only covered as a very small part in most vet schools and most vets only get to see a small percentage of reptiles (even smaller percentage of Leopard geckos). I can already tell you that you will probably have a problem locating a Leopard gecko veterinarian from the start.

Leopard Gecko Vet Problems

The second problem is that Leopard geckos tend to hide their disease very well, so when the you actually suspect that there is something wrong, the disease or problem might be too far to reverse. It might have been there for days to weeks. In my experience a lot of Leopard geckos are presented in a very severe condition and most of them unfortunately die during the stabilization period. This is as much a headache for the Leopard geckos vet as it is for the owner.

Reptile Veterinarian

Try to find a reliable reptile veterinarian before a problem pops up. It is in any case advisable to visit the vet at least once with a newly acquired dragon for a full history, health check up and parasite flush, and then at least every six months after that for health follow ups.

Now the question is where to find a reptile friendly vet in your area or at least close by. The first place is probably your local veterinarian, call the receptionist and ask weather their practice sees Leopard geckos, or ask for a referral. If that fails, try the internet. If that fails, ask your reptile buddies, call your local reptile pet shop or consult reptile-related magazines.

Tip: Most health related issues in Leopard geckos are caused by incorrect husbandry. As a preventative and sometimes curative measure make sure the Leopard gecko needs are met as described by experienced keepers.

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