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Sick Leopard Gecko

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Sick Leopard Gecko

Although it is said that Leopard geckos are very hardy, they can like any other pet also get sick. Although it is said that these animals are hardy and very adaptable, they are still dependant on the correct Leopard gecko husbandry to thrive. It is said that more than 80% of Leopard gecko diseases are due to incorrect keeping.

A healthy Leopard gecko should always be bright, alert and almost always willing to eat. Sick Leopard geckos will hide away under obstacles for long periods of time and do not spend most of the evening actively walking around looking for food. Some sick Leopard geckos can also have a poorly fleshed bodies and tails with visible wrinkles on the skin, while others will have ocular, oral and/or nasal discharges.

Faecal matter which should mainly consist of two parts should always be semi-solid and never too watery or runny. The darker part of the faeces should be firm and free from excessive slime, blood and should not contain large amounts of undigested particles. A sick Leopard gecko will often present with diarrhoea.

Symptoms of a sick Leopard gecko are the following:

  • Partial or complete anorexia (lack of appetite)

  • Weight loss & poor body condition (esp. seen in the tail)

  • Diarrhoea (abnormal or runny faeces and / or cloacal soiling)

  • Lumps, bumps, sores & abrasions on the skin

  • Dehydration (wrinkled skin & sunken eyes)

  • Paralysis or lameness of the limbs or tail

  • Weakness (lying flat)

  • Sudden or regular abnormal (jerky) movements of head & extremities

  • Head tilting & circling

  • Mucous secretions from the mouth or nose

  • Lethargy or dullness (unaware of its surroundings)

  • Laboured breathing

If any of the mentioned signs are seen a Leopard gecko friendly veterinarian should be consulted without hesitation.

Leopard Gecko Diseases

Not all animals get the same diseases. Some diseases can be seen in a variety of species, but differs with regards to their severity or frequency. Some diseases might look exactly the same, but they are caused by different disease processes.

Common Leopard gecko diseases include the following (links will open in a new window):

Sick Leopard Gecko Veterinary Consult

A sick Leopard gecko should be evaluated by a Leopard gecko friendly veterinarian as soon as possible! The vet will take a short history on how the Leopard gecko is kept. Be honest and do not answer what you think the vet wants to hear. This will aid in the diagnoses. Remember to accompany the Leopard gecko with a fresh / wet stool sample sealed in an airtight sealable bag.

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