Leopard Gecko lighting & lighting accessories

Leopard gecko lighting & lighting accessories
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Leopard geckos need very little lighting to do well as pets. Unlike diurnal (day living) reptiles, they do not need any additional ultraviolet lighting. Most of their lighting needs can be fulfilled by natural light or through commercially available fluorescent lighting.

Lighting equipment

When the enclosure is used for displaying purposes or there is not enough natural light, additional Leopard gecko lighting equipment must be installed. This can be in the form of simple Leopard gecko fluorescent lighting available in tubes or bulbs. These lighting units do not emit a lot of heat and is cheap, long lasting and economical to run.

Most electrical lighting equipment can be connected to an automated timer to keep the day and night times constant and more natural.

Light fittings

Leopard gecko lighting is going to need some sort of light fittings. Fluorescent lighting can be in the form of screw-in or bayonet type fluorescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent fittings must be mounted securely on the roof or as close as possible to the top of the enclosure. There must be no possible contact between a Leopard gecko and the lighting tubes or fittings and the cabling must always be on the outside. Make sure to get the appropriate fitting and match the fluorescent tube wattage with the fluorescent tube fitting to prevent incompatibilities.

Leopard Gecko Lighting & Lighting AccessoriesLeopard Gecko Lighting & Lighting AccessoriesLeopard Gecko Lighting & Lighting AccessoriesLeopard Gecko Lighting & Lighting Accessories



Leopard gecko lighting accessories. A very basic fluorescent tube fitting, electric timer to switch the Leopard gecko lights on & off, Byonet-type light fluorescent bulb and light fluorescent tube.


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