Leopard gecko supplementation through food ‘dusting’

Leopard gecko supplementation through food ‘dusting’
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Leopard gecko supplementation can either be done through gut-loading, ‘sprinkling’ or the so-called process of dusting. Supplementation plays a vital part in keeping your pet Leopard gecko healthy. ‘Dusting’ is the process of coating insects, or other foodstuffs, with a powdered supplement prior to being fed.

Supplementation through dusting

‘Dusting’ can done on any feeder insect, but it is very popular (and quite simple) to do with live crickets and mealworms. Food is simply mixed with a moderate amount supplement powder in an spill- or escape proof plastic bag or container.

Vitamin dusted crickets
Image from Backwater Reptiles Blog

In order to keep it fresh, dusting should be done just prior to feeding the insects or greens to Leopard geckos.

Supplements for dusting

Any powdered form of Leopard gecko supplementation can be used for dusting food. To ensure quality and optimal efficiency, commercial reptile (or even ‘Leopard gecko’) supplementation should be used.

Powdered reptile supplements for dusting
Image from Josh’s Frogs

The two main supplements recommended for Leopard geckos are multi-vitamin mixtures and calcium/Vitamin D3 combinations. Calcium supplementation should be done 2 to 3 times a week, and multi-vitamin mixtures should be given every other day.

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Renier has a keen interest in the welfare of pet reptiles. He has been keeping and treating Leopard geckos for many years and has written various forms of literature on them and other fascinating reptiles.

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